Welcome to my Den of Hype

Hello there,

If you are visiting this page within the first 24 hours of its publications you probably got a link to it directly from me. Or you saw me tweet about it along with my announcement of the opening of my blog on Twitter.

For the others, I’m BY2K (Bug of the Year 2000).

Also “that guy who has a picture of a surprised Red Spy for every websites he has an account in.” – I like being consistent with my username/picture combo wherever I have an account.

Long story short; I decided to open my own gaming blog. The Den of Hype.

Video games are my passion and always have been since I’ve been able to hold a controller or type on a keyboard. It’s by far the hobby I’ve spent the most amount of time on and I want to stay connected to it until I can’t hold a controller or type on a keyboard.

Over the years I’ve spent on discussion forums and social medias (especially Twitter), I’ve had a lot of fun being excited about anything related to video games (except movies based on them).

I like hype. I like being excited and to look forward to… anything that interest me. I like watching OTHER people being excited, get their reactions on news and announcements. If that hype or excitement leads to disappointment, it’s just part of the game for me. But recently I’ve seen a lot more negativity and pessimism around the Internet. Not that I don’t understand why some would be pessimistic about this or that piece of news, but I feel like it has taken a lot more space as of late.

And so I felt I needed a place where I could let out my hype unfiltered. A place where I could really express my love for gaming (and somewhere that doesn’t have a tiny little 140 character limit.)

This blog will mostly consist of my own reactions and commentary on gaming news and announcements. I might also do reviews and opinion pieces (I already have a few ideas for that.) I will try to keep my more personal/social/political talks out of it, this is not why I decided to open the blog.

You may also notice a lack of… design for this blog. All I have at the moment is the logo (which may or may not change in the future.) But I was really eager to start this blog soon, as we approach E3 season, arguably the hypest time of the year and I do want to write about it and my expectations. So you will see the blog evolve and change over the next few months.

I also removed ads because fuck those.

I hope you will read what I have to write about video games and I hope to entertain you with my hype.



P.S: Apologies for the spelling and grammar mistakes I will unavoidably make writing on this blog.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Den of Hype

  1. This seems really nice. I’ve sensed a surge in pessimism in gaming circles too, so I’ll look forward for more posts. Good luck 😀


  2. Yes, you’ve finally done it! Looking forward to your unfiltered thoughts not limited by the 140 characters on Twitter or the fear of getting banned from NeoGAF. Godspeed!


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