E3 Expectations: Oooooh, Ubisoft!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Arguably the biggest and most exciting gaming event of the year. Sure folks like Nintendo and Sony have their own things now (Direct and Experience respectively), but E3 still remains the king of hype.

Or joker of disaster. But that’s for another time.

E3 is now upon us. And it’s time to write about my expectations from each of the presentations this year.

Of course, I realize E3 is just one big marketing push. Most industry conventions are. But some of the biggest freak-outs (the good kind) and funny moments (both good and bad) has happened during E3 (even if the end result doesn’t always pay off.)

So what am I expecting from this year’s big show? Here’s a list, going by companies, starting with…



As Jim Sterling would say: “Ooooh, Ubisoft!”

Ubisoft at E3 sometimes tries too hard to be “hip”. Their attempts at reaching to the “meme crowd” can sometimes turn to the cringe, for better or worse. But I have to say, Aisha Tyler might be one the best speakers on a E3 stage. She’s has an enthusiasm on stage that is hard for me to not be affected by. Ubisoft also certainly is one the companies with a E3 Press Conference that doesn’t shy away from the mature content. We all remember the Far Cry 3 demo that started with the main hero having a post-sex conversation with a lady, her breasts nude for everyone to see. Which is odd considering their press conference isn’t usually that late in the day, meaning any minor could see it.


Remember this? Yeah, you do.

And of course there’s South Park. With the Fractured But Whole finally having a solid release date, I’m not sure if we’ll see it at E3 this year (unless we get an announcement for a Nintendo Switch version, pretty please?)

Far Cry 5 was also revealed late last week and I’m sure we’ll get a gameplay demo (that may or may not represent the actual visual quality of the final retail version). I’m gonna be honest, at first I thought Ubisoft was trying to go super political with the game’s villains, but after seeing that they are gonna be the “crazy religious cult” cliché type, it might not be the case. Who knows, maybe they’ll try to do some meta commentary in it at the same time.

I’ve never actually played much of Far Cry except for Blood Dragon, but I always keep an eye out for stuff that might interest me.


If Ubisoft wanted people’s attention, they sure got it with this.

Moving on to Assassin’s Creed. Right now everything points to it taking place in Egypt and Greece, Egypt being a spot people have been asking for for a while. Hopefully the one year break the series got is gonna do wonders to this new episode. Also, the rumor says it will be called Origins, one of the most overused words in the gaming industry. Go figure. I honestly don’t have much to say about Assassin’s Creed, I never played one and the series never interested me that much. One day, maybe…

A game everybody knows exists even though we shouldn’t; Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. This one still feels surreal. Nintendo, allowing a non-Japanese company (or any third-party company, really) to handle a game starring Mario? We all know how fiercely Nintendo protects their IP. So if someone had told me a few years ago that this was gonna happen, I would have called them crazy. But after the slides leaked, I think it’s pretty safe to say this is happening. And honestly it’s funny to think that the first thing a western third-party developer has done with Mario is give him guns. Silly guns, but guns still. Even crazier, the game is rumored to be a X-Com style strategy RPG. In a crossover with the Raving Rabbids of all things (Ubisoft’s version of the Minions before the Minions were a thing.) And honestly?

I’m into this. The game just sounds so silly and weird and crazy that I can’t help but be excited by it, to see how it turns out. Certainly one of my most anticipated games of E3 2017 (there’s an idea for another blog post for later…)

Also, another rumor says Grant Krikhope of Banjo-Kazooie fame is doing the soundtrack for this game. What’s not to love? This one however might not be at the Ubisoft Conference but rather Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight Presentation.


And now for something completely different…

Now for the big question. What about Beyond Good and Evil 2? It’s been lowkey confirmed to be in development and Michel Ancel has made a few posts about it on instagram. However he has also recently said that E3 might not be the place to reveal it and will instead do so later this year. And I believe that. I do not think Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be at E3 this year. I also do not believe the rumor that it is a Switch Timed Exclusive. Hell, depending on the tech, I’m not sure it will come to the Nintendo Switch at all.

Oh and there’s probably gonna be a new Just Dance.

These are my expectations for Ubisoft at E3 2017. Next time: EA.

One thought on “E3 Expectations: Oooooh, Ubisoft!

  1. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is probably going to get its initial announcement/reveal in the way that Far Cry 5 was. I can see it being multiplatform too, obviously with the more superior version being on PS4 & a slightly worse one on the Switch.


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