E3 Predictions: The Big Three Part 3: Nintendo

My final predictions for E3 this year is going to be about Nintendo, because of course it would be. I’m not gonna hide it and people who know me know it; I’m a huge Nintendo fan. It’s the company that got me into gaming and they always manage to give me games I want and enjoy. Plus, The Legend of Zelda is my favorite series of all in gaming, no contest.


“Leave luck to heaven.”

Nintendo has tried to shake things up at E3 for a few years now. In 2013, they stopped doing live press conference in favor of pre-recorded, Direct-like presentations. The good part of this was it left some of the awkwardness of press conferences behind. The bad part of this was some people thought it meant Nintendo was gonna stop going to E3 (and some still do… even though EA doesn’t even have a booth at E3 in favor of their own event in Hollywood, but apparently having a live press conference means you’re going to E3.)

Nintendo is probably the least predictable company in the industry. It’s impossible to guess what they’ll do, good or bad. Which is why they often causes the biggest moments of excitement I have experienced and witnessed. And with the Spotlight Presentation being only 30 minutes long, it’s possible they might just stick to their rule of focusing on games coming out in 2017 for the Switch. But Nintendo never respects that kind of rule, so who knows. Anything can happen. Especially if the Spotlight takes the same format the last global Nintendo Direct did; blazing through headlines so fast people actually started asking Nintendo to slow down.

As far as the games go…

The star of the show will obviously be Super Mario Odyessey. Nintendo makes it sounds as if it will have as big a focus The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild got last year. However, their wording is a little different this year. While Odyssey will have a lot of the scene for itself (and the booth itself is a recreation of the one of the game’s level: New Donk City), but I think we’ll have at least a few surprises.


Sonic Adventure jokes aside, it IS weird to see Mario alongside human characters with regular proportions.

Xenoblade 2 (or Xenoblade Chronicles 2) will be there as well, I’m sure. We’ll probably get the first full blown gameplay footage of it, with probably a similar battle system to Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X. This one will have a bigger focus on story, like the first one, which is what a lot of people wanted, including the director. A recent rumor says the game will not come out in 2017 after all (shocking, I know), but will rather release in February 2018, with Mario Odyssey being the big game for the Switch in November 2017, probably releasing the same day as Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The recording for the soundtrack of Xenoblade 2 has recently concluded, with its composer saying the music was so good it brought himself to tears.


Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii was the best JRPG of its generation. Let’s hope they can deliver again with its sequel.

Fire Emblem Warriors should also get its gameplay blowout, as the game is set to release this fall. A recent Famitsu article says most of the characters will come from Fire Emblem: Awakening, Fire Emblem: Fates and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. But not to worry, I’m sure more characters will be released from other games as DLC, like it was the case with Hyrule Warriors. Ike will return. And my boy Roy. Pretty please.

I do not think we will see ARMS or Splatoon 2 during the Spotlight, as both games were the focus of the last Nintendo Direct and both, with Pokkén Tournament DX getting tournaments during E3. Which would leave some time for some new games to announce…

I’m gonna go a bit crazy here and say we’ll see a new Metroid. Simply because I want it to happen, not because I think it’s gonna happen. Nintendo sometimes listens to its audience and they sure as hell heard the complaints about Federation Force. Who knows, maybe it’s the game Retro Studio has been working on for almost 4 years now. Speaking of, if it’s not Metroid, I still hope we see it during the Spotlight this year. It’s been forever since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was released. And by the by, whatever that game turns out to be, it better not be another Donkey Kong Country. Unless it’s a 3D Platformer like Donkey Kong 64. That I would take.

Samus Aran

She. Will. Return.

A smaller one but important, I think Mother 3 on Switch is going to happen. They didn’t finally give an official English release of the first Earthbound (Earthbound Zero/Beginnings) just to not release Mother 3 at some point. It has to happen. Maybe. I hope.

On and as I mentioned in the Ubisoft Prediction post, we’re probably going to see the Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle game, which I’m actually quite interested about.


E3 has already kicked off with EA’s Press Conference yesterday, which I wrote a recap of earlier as well.

No matter what happens, remember to stay hype, people.


Credit to Transfure for the amazing Samus Aran fanart. (http://transfuse.deviantart.com/art/Samus-Aran-44059164)

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