EA Play 2017 Press Conference Recap: Not a good way to start E3.


The EA “E3” Press Conference went live earlier today and it’s amazing how much you can fill 90 minutes with so little content. So much ingredient in the soup, yet it taste absolutely nothing. Good job EA.

First we got a reveal of a story mode for Madden NFL 18 called “Longshot”, which is basically the same thing they did for FIFA last year; a narrative, cinematic experience for Madden. Which I actually think is pretty cool. More sports game should have this. I’m sure sports fans are gonna love it.

Then we got the reveal of the next Battlefield 1 Expansion: In the Name of Tsar. It’s bringing quite a lot of content to Battlefield 1, including new factions, new maps and modes. The package actually sounds pretty sweet, though I’ve never played Battlefield 1. Good for Battlefield players though.

We then went back to sports (yay…) with FIFA 18. It’s… FIFA. In Frostbite. It looks good. Nothing more to say about it.

Oh crap, more sports. Not even video game, really. Two idiots from something called “Men in Blazers” came on stage, missed a high-five (on purpose maybe, to be fair), made some unfunny jokes and disappeared.

It took 25 minutes before we actually got to see gameplay of a new game that was recently announced; Need for Speed: Fast and Fu… I mean Payback. That one got me interested. Doesn’t seem to be so much about racing but more about hijacking cars in cargoes, similarly to how it was done in the first Fast & Furious movie, which is why people keep calling it that. And honestly that might be the main reason why I’m interested by this one.

Possibly the best announcement of the conference was the reveal of A Way Out, the new game by the guys who made Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A Way Out is about two inmates trying to get out of prison and the following adventure outside of it. The hook of this game is the fact that it is only playable in co-op. What’s more both characters are completely independent in gameplay, meaning one can walk around and interact with the game while one is stuck in a cutscene. Looks really interesting and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on that one.


EA then went on to sing the praises of Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s console they think they can sale on the promises alone that it is the “most powerful console yet.” They showed some 4k screens of Madden 18 (through a 720p stream, but details…) and promised that we’ll see more at the Microsoft Conference later today.

Then came the second most interesting announcement of the day: Bioware’s new IP. Anthem. We only saw a 45 seconds teaser with more promise of seeing the full reveal at Microsoft’s conference. It’s said to be a sci-fi game, with mech suits and monsters with humanity staying behind walls to protect themselves (someone at Bioware liked Attack on Titan, it sounds like.) Rumor says it will be a Destiny-like game. Coming to PC, PS4 and XB1 in 2018.


Oh good! NBA Live 18. More sports, because we didn’t get sick of that already! Look, I know they gotta talk about the sports games, but this is E3. People are there for the new games. With sports games you already know what you’re getting; more of the same with a few tweaks. There’s nothing exciting about this.

At all.

Finally we got the official premiere of Star Wars: Battlefront 2. And I gotta say, what I say got me excited. All future DLC will be free, which is always nice, but out of the box the game will have a lot more content than the first one. Gameplay looked solid, too. I might be forced to get this one after skipping the first game. But maybe ending the conference with 30 minutes of it wasn’t the best idea.


I’m not gonna give it a grade, because I think that’s stupid, but it certainly was one of the most boring press conference EA has ever done and that’s saying something after all the alpha/prototype footage we saw 2 years ago. Plus, no Respawn of Visceral Star Wars game, though I guess they want to put the focus on Battlefront 2, which I can understand.

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