Ubisoft E3 2017 Press Conference Recap: Beyond Rabbids and Pirates.


Who would have thought that Ubisoft would have the best press conference of E3 so far this year? No one expects the French Inquisition, heh? HEH!? Nevermind…

Things kicked off with the gloves already off with the official reveal of the worst kept secret of this year; Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. And even though I was already on board with the game when it was first leaked, I was not expecting it to look this good. Who knows, maybe this will get me to start playing X-Com.


We got more of Assassin’s Creed Origins, Steep is getting an Olympics Expansion and Far Cry 5 got some gameplay. I really like the setting of Far Cry 5, I might actually get this one.

Ubisoft also revealed a game pretty much based on the naval battles in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag; Skull and Bone. Each player has a ship and competes for loot, destroying enemy ships and raiding them in the process. Pirates seems to be the new trend at the moment, but I won’t say it’s overused just yet. It might be a nice distraction from all the zombie games.

Just Dance 2018 got a few minutes on stage of course. And it’s STILL coming out on Wii. Shit’s crazy. I did like the dancing panda and the dancing Mortal Kombat Ninja Trio. South Park got a new trailer. I’m already sold on the game, I just want it to be out already! It’s also getting a new mobile game, a card game reusing assets from The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole.


Dreams keep becoming reality. Even if it’s not exactly what we wanted.

Then the biggest bomb of the event so far dropped. Beyond Good and Evil 2 exists and is happening. It was really nice to see Michel Ancel on stage, on the verge of tears, finally able to talk about this game. Even if the game is not gonna be what most people wanted. Instead of finally getting a follow up to the 15 years old cliffhanger of the first game, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a open-world prequel/reboot with big focus on social/multiplayer interactions. It’s also possible this game may be Early Access/Crowdfunded. Make of that as you will. I’m a little disappointed, but the characters and art direction looks on point, so I’ll keep and eye on it.

Another game that was announced was Starlink: Battle for Atlas. A space 3D shoot’em up type game, I think, where your spaceship can be bought and customized by using toys, Skylanders style (though it has been said buying the toys is optional.) Another Ubisoft games coming to Switch, as well. That’s always nice.

The best moment of the conference and possibly E3 so far however, was when Miyamoto, on stage to talk about Mario and Rabbids, mentioned the creative director of the game, the camera cutting to him sitting in the audience near the front row. The creative director, named Davide Soliani, waived at Miyamoto, holding back the tears before standing up, bowing in respect and sat back down, on the verge of crying. Moments like these are few in the gaming industry, let alone E3 and if of them are precious. Being mentioned by the man that inspired you to make video games must be an honor and cannot possibly imagine. A genuine, touching moment.


Don’t cry, Ubisoft Man.

Now only 2 presentations remain; Sony and Nintendo.

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