Nintendo Spotlight 2017 Recap: She. Has. Returned.


After a less than stellar E3 (most people agreed that by that point Ubisoft had the best press conference, which is crazy), this was Nintendo’s E3 to win. Honestly they didn’t have to do much to take it.

And they didn’t do that much. But enough.

First we got a little montage trailer with actors playing games somehow related to what’s going on around them (don’t ask.) We saw ARMS, Pokkén Tournament DX and FIFA 18 but the star of that trailer was the reveal that yes, Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch, complete with exclusive items, exclusive cars and crossplay with Xbox One and PC players (Sony, being the arrogant company they are right now, said no to crossplay). It might not sound like much, but having Rocket League on the go with local multiplayer is a huge get for Nintendo.

We then got a new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, reaffirming its release window of Holidays 2017 (the trailer even had English text and voices, meaning the localization must be pretty far along) and looking anime as hell. I’m not the biggest fan of anime, but the clean look of the character design makes it somewhat appealing. The soundtrack sounds excellent as per Xenoblade standard and the battle system remains similar, but most likely with new mechanics and tweaks. A few questions remain about that game. 1; How many times am I gonna say “What the fuck” when a plot twist happens and 2; How much am I gonna be distracted by the design of the female characters (I mean jeez Louise…) Also, British voice acting is always a plus.


Next, a new Kirby game for Switch was revealed! How many goddamn Kirby games can HAL make!? There’s like 2 or 3 currently in development for 3DS RIGHT NOW. Not that I’m complaining, the recent Kirby games have been excellent so a new Switch one isn’t gonna hurt. What’s more, they brought back the ability fusion mechanic from Kirby and the Crystal Shards!

Then in an obvious attempt to calm down the Pokémon fanboys who got pissed Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are 3DS exclusives, big Kahuna of Pokémon Tsunekazu Ishihara made a brief announcement that GameFreaks started development of a core RPG Pokémon game for Switch.

And now for the big one. No gameplay, no CG trailer. Just a logo. Nintendo announced that Metroid Prime 4 is in development. Nothing more. Just a logo. And it still got my biggest reaction of all E3. It’s been 10 years since Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. As a certain Space Marine said: “Hell, it’s about time.”


Had this leaked before the presentation, everyone would have called it fake.

To complement the new Kirby announcement, Nintendo then revealed a new Yoshi platformer! This time in a world made of cardboard! Looks as charming as ever. Fire Emblem Warriors got a trailer, featuring a lot of slashes and some less then stellar voice acting. Geez. Never was huge on Fire Emblem. Aonuma then talked about the Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC and gave us a trailer, giving us a look at Master Mode and Trials of the Sword, confirming what a lot of BotW players feared; Golden Lynels. Can’t wait to fight those guys.

We got a tiny bit more footage of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, possibly my surprise of the show. Rocket League also got a small trailer with the devs talking a little about it.

As for the final trailer we got one for Super Mario Odyssey.

This game. Looks. Bonkers. A grand return of the 3D/Sandbox style Mario games for the first time since Sunshine, complete with a mechanic that allows you to take over almost anything you can reach with a throw of a hat. Including. A. Mother. Fucking. T-Rex. The trailer was also beautifully accompanied by a song, complete with lyrics, with Pauline as the singer, who is confirmed to appear in the game as the Mayor of New Donk City (at this point, there’s no way Donkey Kong won’t appear in this game.)


It’s a T-Rex! With a mustache! And a Mario hat!

An excellent presentation by Nintendo that can reassure anyone that the Switch isn’t gonna fall victim to a release drought anytime soon.

And the Nintendo decided, after an hour of Treehouse livestream had passed, to reveal ANOTHER METROID GAME. A remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus titled Metroid: Samus Returns. Developed in collaboration with MercurySteam, famous (or infamous, perhaps…) for their Castlevania: Lord of Shadows series. Impressions of the game, however, have been glowing, so I am incredibly excited for Samus’ return in September.

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