Sony E3 2017 Press Conference Recap: Running on fumes.


Another press conference that didn’t go quite as expected. Sony had more budget for hanging people above the stage during demos (probably the sound guys that messed up the audio at the beginning of the conference) than they had actual new announcements. Guess Sony finally ran out of games to announce that are 3 or 4 years away from release.

The conference started with a trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which, ok Sony, we saw it enough, we know it’s coming. We know it’s gonna be good, it’s Naughty freaking Dogs. Comes out August 22nd. Can’t really say much more about this one.

We got a reveal for a Horizon: Zero Dawn Story/Expansion DLC; The Frozen Wilds. I guess it’s gonna have ice. I can’t say much about how this one looks either because I haven’t played Horizon: Zero Dawn yet. Something I plan on fixing before GOTY season.

Probably the biggest announcement of Sony’s Conference and one of the few actually new announcements, though the rumors about it had been floating around the net for months; Monster Hunter World. It looks like Monster Hunter and I haven’t played enough of the old one to judge exactly how much “Westernized” this one will be. Capcom calls it a mainline Monster Hunter so we’ll see.


Japan Studio is making a remake (Sony says it’s a remake) of Shadow of the Colossus, with updated visuals and tweaked controls. The second highlight of the conference. Coming 2018. Considering it’s being made by Bluepoint, Masters of Remasters, it actually has a chance of coming out in a timely manner.

Then we got a bunch of VR shit I don’t give a crap about because VR is an overpriced, overhyped tech that’s 5 years too early on the market. Except for that Transference and The Impatient games, those looked interesting (and The Impatient is a prequel to Until Dawn, what? Transference is produced by Elijah Wood!?)


Detroit: Become Human got a trailer. The story sounds VERY interesting, but knowing David Cage it could get stupid real fast, so I’m cautiously optimistic. Call of Duty: World War II got a trailer, which didn’t last long, no big demo this year, which I thought was weird. Destiny 2 also got a small trailer. Oh and timed exclusive content, that’s always fun. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite got a trailer and a demo was released, which was one of the worst demos I have ever played. When’s the beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ?

We got a trailer for God of War and demos for Days Gone and Spider-Man. Days Gone bores me to death. I’m so tired of the post-apocalyptic zombie game trope. The crowd technology in the game seems wasted on it, because it’s the only thing remotely interesting about that game. Spider-Man was the final highlight of the conference, offering a meaty demo that pretty much revealed this is Spider-Man: Arkham City. Similar combat and stealth segments, straight up. So it might not be a revolution in gameplay, I sure hope it is one for Spider-Man games. Definitely very excited for that one.


Pretty dull conference for Sony, overall. Mostly reheated stuff. But what was there was good (most of it.)

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