BY2K’s E3 2017 Awards.

E3 has come and gone already and while it hasn’t been the best it had its fair share of cool and interesting games. And I’m gonna give awards to some of them. Most of them awards I made up on the fly because I wanted a particular game to appear on this list, which isn’t simply a Top 10 or something. So here goes.

Game of the Show: Super Mario Odyssey


Let’s just start with the obvious here. Honestly if it wasn’t for Odyssey, this award would have gone to Dragonball FighterZ. But Mario Odyssey just looks and sounds like an absolute joy to play, the kind of games Nintendo does every few years, those special games that get all those perfect scores and somehow the praise never dies down over the years. It’s crazy that after over 35 years, Nintendo still manages to find ideas and new mechanic to add to their franchises so that their games can still feel fresh, yet be familiar at the same time.

Game that is as good as it sounds: Dragonball FighterZ


When Dragonball FighterZ was first announced, a little over a week before E3, people were already losing their minds. A Dragonball Fighting game, made by ARC System Works, using an updated version of the Guilty Gear Xrd engine!? (Xrd was made on a modified version of Unreal Engine 3, DBFZ is being made on Unreal Engine 4.) It sounded too good to be true, there had to be a catch. But after seeing gameplay at E3 and hearing the impression, it seems the game is as good as it sounds. Maybe it can even become the new Marvel vs Capcom, considering what’s going on with Infinite.

Game that has no business being this good: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.


I was already on board with the idea of a Turn-Based Strategy RPG starring Mario and the Rabbids when it first leaked but even I didn’t expect the game to look as good as it did during the official reveal at the Ubisoft Press Conference. Hell, even the creative director of XCOM 2 gave the game praised and joked that he would steal some ideas for his next game. Certainly one of the biggest surprises of E3… speaking of…

Revival that everyone wanted but didn’t expect to actually happen: Metroid.


After the very badly received Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which was shit on simply for existing, the producer of the Metroid Prime series, Kensuke Tanabe, said he wanted to do a new Metroid Prime. Even the ending of Federation Force teased a new game. But nobody truly believed it was gonna happen, at least not this soon. So when the teaser for Metroid Prime 4 was revealed, people understandably lost their minds. And even if it isn’t made by Retro Studio (there’s no need anyway, the original Metroid Prime team left and created Armature), I’m sure that “new talented dev team” will do an excellent job.

But if that wasn’t enough, after the Spotlight, Nintendo revealed ANOTHER Metroid game, a remake of Metroid 2, for Nintendo 3DS. Giving MercurySteam a second chance to pull off a Metroidvania. And with the support and supervision of Nintendo, I’m sure they can. The Treehouse footage of the remake already looks and sounds excellent.

The “I feel nothing” award: Days Gone.


For me, that was the worst part of the Sony Conference after the VR stuff. Days Gone does nothing to me. It’s yet another goddamn post-apocalyptic zombie game. Sure, the crowd tech seems cool, but it’s attached to a game I’ve seen time and time again and I’m sick of it.

Runner up would be the entire EA Press Conference. God, what a bore.

Game that interests me the most that isn’t a AAA: A Way Out.


The most interesting part of the EA Conference, A Way Out is a narrative, co-op only game by the guys behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It’s a third-person adventure game focused on the narrative, that can be only played in co-op. The hook is that both players most independent. While one is in a cutscene, the other can keep moving around and affect gameplay and the environment. As a QA Tester, I can’t imagine this being easy to test.

Must abusive, misuse of a word: Microsoft


“Timed exclusives” and “Console Launch Exclusives” are NOT exclusives, Microsoft. Stop it.  You might have shown the most games during a press conference this year, but how many of them were ACTUAL exclusives? The only actual exclusive that you announced was the OG Xbox Backward Compatibility.  And even that might come to PC at some point, according to Phil Spencer.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for Nintendo and their last minute surprises, this would have been a boring E3 overall, one that Ubisoft would have won.

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