Why I love E3.


E3 is upon us. The Electronic Entertainment Expo. The biggest video game convention of the year. Gamer’s Christmas, as people often call it. It is one of my favorite times of the year. It is not without its flaws, however. “Circus of Lies” could very well be another appropriate name for E3. From Watch_Dogs to the Kinect, companies have often used E3 to present their products in a better light than they could ever reach. Or sometimes games are announced that would either never be heard from again (Star Wars 1313, Bioshock on PlayStation Vita) or only released after years and years of waiting (The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts 3, etc.)

But despite all this, I still very much love E3. I love being excited. I love seeing people being excited, even if it’s not something I’m excited about myself (it’s weird, I know). I just love hype in general, no matter the source. I even love its more awkward moments. Who doesn’t love the E3 2010 Konami Press Conference? Even when a company doesn’t have a “Live” Press Conference, amazing thing can still happen. Remember when Nintendo only got to E3 with Zelda: Breath of the Wild? And they stole the entire show with it? On the last day of E3, people were running from the opening hours to get to the Nintendo, or rather Zelda booth, first. Something like that had not happened since E3 2006, where again, people were running to Nintendo’s booth to try the Wii.


In the good like in the bad years, E3 is never a complete bore. From the Halo 3 reveal to Twilight Princess, from the DS reveal to the PS4 reveal. Even some moments that didn’t really have any purpose could be good. Remember Kevin Butler’s speech? It has something for almost everyone. I say almost because everyone I go, there’s always someone who’s not happy about a single thing and I find myself wondering what actually makes them enjoy gaming.

Every year, I was every Press Conference. Even Microsoft’s, who I have almost no investment in, just in case they show something I can get excited about, even if it’s a game I plan to buy on another system (looking at you, Dragon Ball FighterZ). Even the Devolver Digital Press Conference, which took be aback at first, looking back was pretty hilarious. They are doing another one this year, again at midnight, so I wonder if they’ll double back on the trolling or actually do something a little more serious.

I doubt it. It’s Devolver.

The first E3 I ever watched was E3 2004 and it couldn’t be a better year to start with. The DS reveal, the Twilight Princess reveal; It was an amazing E3 for Nintendo. I don’t remember much of the Microsoft and Sony Press Conferences. One thing I won’t miss however are the number talks. I always hated that. It was nothing more but a way for one of the Big 3 to boast about their sale numbers. I’m not sure exactly when it stopped (I think the PS3/360/Wii gen was the last generation where number talk was a thing at E3) but I’m really glad it did. Sony attacking Microsoft on its “no game rental” and always online policy was a lot more effective than telling people how much better their console was selling.


I love E3.

Closer to the event, I’ll write up my expectations for E3 and my most anticipated games of E3. Look forward to that.

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